2019 Interior Design Trends

Spring is here, finally!

We felt it was a good time to touch base with our amazingly talented design team, Christine Melenhorst and Jessica McGlade, to see what the design experts are saying is in store for home design selections, furniture, colours, patterns, and more for 2019.


The word “trend” is tricky when it comes to building an entire home. As a homeowner making selections, most of the time you want to stay current and incorporate new ideas, but also want to keep resale in mind for some of the fixed items. Homeowners can transform the look of an entire space with paint colours, hardware, and light fixtures – these items can be easily changed.

Permanent selections like hardwood, tile, cabinetry and countertops are more costly to change later on, so while keeping with current trends is important, our design team understands that you don’t want to be renovating every couple of years. As a home builder we encourage clients to select finishes that are neutral enough, but still reflect personal style, and then the space can be altered to follow the trends with accessories, fixtures, and furniture.

Lighter hardwoods are a definite shift, having been popular for the last number of years it seems that more and more people are leaning towards this choice over darker options, and our suppliers are coming out with even more light hardwood options.

In bathroom design, floating vanities, floor to ceiling glass enclosures, and curbless showers are emerging as more common choices. Mixing metals and the use of stone, like granite or quartz, on more surfaces than just a countertop for a more organic feel inspired by natural elements. We’ve noticed stone used on fireplace mantels, surrounds, and in the kitchen with stone being carried from the countertop to the backsplash for a seamless look.

Our design team always tries to get a sense of how our homeowners will be using the spaces in their home and what type of aesthetic they are attracted to. We often recommend classic palettes that over time can transition with whatever the current trends are, without having to break their budgets.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Styles tend to come back around but always in new ways. Right now there’s been a change in paint colour trends. Over the last few years, white walls have really dominated the design scene but we’re finally seeing a refreshing shift towards more colour. Paint colour trends for 2019 include warmer neutrals, dusty rose (throwback to the late 80s/90s), deep greens and teals, and moodier colours that create a cozy feel in contained spaces. The mention of dusty rose might scare some people, but it’s coming back in a different way than before – this colour paired with lighter materials like marble or veined countertops, softer woods, and rosy golds.

What’s also becoming more apparent are trends leaning towards warmer, more feminine tones in lieu of cooler greys. We love seeing the use of bolder patterns and graphic tile shapes that can add an element of texture.

Trendy Inspiration

Our designers follow a variety of both local and international designers to keep on top of current products and trends including Studio McGee, Emily Henderson, Chris & Julia, and Genevieve Gorder. We love following their blogs and social media for inspiration, discovering new ways of mixing materials, and styling décor to create unique spaces. Architectural Digest and Dwell are two magazines that also really inspire to get the creativity flowing!

Finally, Instagram is a great platform to stay up to date on the trends and help predict what’s moving in to the design world. Trendy inspiration with a quick scroll of your fingertip!


Special thank you to our design team, Christine and Jessica, for sharing their expertise with us.

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