A Home Built for Holiday Guests

Hosting overnight guests during the holiday season is a common stress for many – but it doesn’t need to be. In the design of today’s modern homes, accommodating for guests is a factor homeowners and builders are giving careful consideration to so that hosting your friends and family will be a pleasure.

A Room of Your Own

Today’s new homes are going above and beyond the simple guestroom. Instead, people are outfitting their basements with guests in mind. High ceilings, LED lighting, fireplaces and ensuite baths, are all giving the nearby hotel a run for its money.

And the comfort and convenience isn’t just limited to the guests. Hosting a guest in a basement suite makes life easier for the homeowner as well. No more awkward run-ins enroute to the shared bathroom! Midday cat naps are peaceful and uninterrupted. Bottom line, you’re sharing your home without compromising your privacy (or sanity).

Our townhomes and 31 ft singles already include a finished basement whereas all of our remaining two-storey singles can have finished basements completed as an upgrade option. Take a look at our selection of 2-storey singles, many of which offer finished basement options.

As families grow or living arrangements evolve, the finished basement can be very accommodating for more permanent guests. We even have homes designed with in-law suites included for this exact reason. Whether it’s a short term or long term guest, Uniform has you covered.

A Thoughtful Host

A positive overnight guest experience isn’t solely dependent on the design of a house. Here are a few tips that will up the ante on your holiday hosting game:

  • Keys – If your guest will be coming and going, think about giving them a spare set of house keys for the duration of their stay so they don’t feel like they’re disturbing your normal routine.
  • WIFI – Help your guest avoid expensive roaming charges by sharing your household WIFI password. Want that extra touch? Put it in a nice frame and place it on the bedside table.
  • TV Instructions – Not all TV remotes are created equal. Be sure to give your guests detailed instructions!
  • Water. Water. – We all need water. Make sure your guest is equipped with a few bottles of water and a drinking glass in their room.
  • Pillows – Too soft, too high … just right! People are often finicky about their pillows. Make sure you give them two options – a sponge and a feather. Having a choice is thoughtful.
  • Laundry Bag – Will your guest be there more than 3 days? Let them know they’re welcome to use your laundry facilities by leaving a laundry bag on their doorknob.
  • Bath Linens – Don’t make your guests ask you for a face cloth or towel. Leave a bath towel, hand towel and facecloth at the foot of their bed.
  • Reading Material – When your guest settles into bed, there’s nothing better than seeing a stack of recent magazines. They’re not there long enough to read a book, but give them the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue and they’ll sink into the pillow with delight.
  • Bathrobe – A plush bathrobe doesn’t fit very easily into a suitcase, so why not give your guest the pleasant surprise of one hanging on their bedroom door. It will keep them cozy when they join you for breakfast the next morning!

Are you wondering what a Uniform home has available for you? Our experienced Sales Representatives and Design Consultants are here to answer all your new home questions – including community information, lot selection, exterior/interior options and customization (including a finished basement for your guests if you so choose) – we want to make sure that when you purchase a home with Uniform, you are getting everything you’ve always dreamed of for you and your family.

Sales centres are open in each of our three communities (Richardson Ridge, The Orchard and Wateridge Village) – hours, locations and Sales Representative info can be found at https://uniformdevelopments.com/contact.