A Uniform Developments Experience: Jessica

We love hearing – and sharing – stories about how people find us and begin their Uniform journey.  For Jessica Wright, the process of choosing a new home was a little different than it might be for the rest of us.  As a real estate agent, Jessica was already familiar with Uniform’s reputation for quality and distinctive design so when she first heard that Uniform would be building homes in Barrhaven she wanted to know more. She first visited the Uniform Sales Center at The Orchard in Barrhaven to get a better sense for what we had to offer for her clients.

What started out as a fact finding mission for others, turned into a personal purchase.  Jessica did some research before stopping in at the Sales Centre, and she already felt a draw to a particular lot. When she arrived and met with our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, she was sold. As a real estate agent specializing in buyer support, Jessica sees many homes in her day to day activities but is adamant that the quality and attention to detail she sees in each Uniform home – especially her own – is beyond compare.

Jessica and her spouse bought the lot she had her eye on, have since moved in to their new home, the Bancroft, and couldn’t be happier. From the time they signed their contract to the day they walked through their front door, Jessica and Brad have been thrilled with the quality of service they have received.

But it’s more than that. Jessica is happy to explain that while the purchase and building process were second to none, it was the aftercare that really blew her away.  No matter the issue, the Uniform team responds quickly and efficiently, always making Jessica feel like they are on the same team.  From a Uniform perspective, it is always fantastic to hear how people find us; and how their browsing turns into a buying commitment and design journey with Uniform.

We are motivated and encouraged by stories like Jessica’s where browsing becomes the first step towards a new home and how the pride we take in providing the highest quality of products translates into positive customer experiences after move-in. We take care at every stage of the process and work with – and for –  our homeowners to ensure we exceed their expectations and maintain the highest level of satisfaction is maintained.

For us, the real success is in hearing from two happy homeowners and following the transformation from floorplan and process to home and community.