Employee Spotlight: The Orchard’s Martha Holden

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This quote was top of mind when we spoke with Orchard Sales Representative, the lovely Martha Holden, as part of our ongoing employee blog series. Before Martha began her career in real estate, she worked in the fast-paced Toronto hospitality industry. When she moved back to Ottawa with her family, she started fresh with a brand new career in home sales and couldn’t be happier with her decision.

“I love what I do and don’t really consider it work,” says Martha. And that’s what WE love to hear!

Stationed out of Uniform’s The Orchard Sales Centre in Barrhaven, we are so fortunate to have Martha on our sales team, bringing years of experience in new home sales. Starting out as a Sales Assistant with a local builder in 2009, she got her license with the hopes of eventually becoming a Sales Representative. With each sales role she tackled over the years, she gained further understanding into Ottawa’s home sales market based on what products were selling in different areas of the city, and can now offer valuable advice from various points of view.

Working with Uniform now for just over a year, Martha loves that there is always something new to learn. In all of her previous jobs, no matter the industry, her preference has always been to work with smaller, family-run companies where the employees can have open, one-on-one conversations with the decision makers without having to go through levels of middle-management. At the end of the day, we feel our customers always benefit from this form of open and direct communication.

When it comes to new home sales, Martha expressed that the Ottawa market offers great value for your dollar. At The Orchard, they have started to see an increase in demand based on the hot Toronto housing market, with many people taking the opportunity to relocate to Ottawa where they can buy a fantastic house at a reasonable price.

Once you have determined the location that suits you best, Martha’s advice for any potential homebuyer is to “set a budget and stick with it. All too often you see buyers who have made their purchase, and only after do they do the homework and hands-on budgeting, to realize they did not account for the unique customizations they envision in their home.”

Fun facts about Martha:

Martha is happily married with two beautiful daughters (ages 11 and 16) and two fur babies (cats). She loves to garden, enjoys hot summers and travelling. Next time you’re at The Orchard Sales Centre, say hello and show her your garden photos!

P.S. We want to see them too! From now until Sunday, June 4th, Uniform homeowners are encouraged to submit photos of their outdoor gardens and landscaping by uploading them to social media using the hashtag #MyUniformSpringGarden. Winners will receive gift cards to their local nursery!