Meet the People Behind the Process

Uniform homeowners have the unique experience of being assigned a team of people to work with them throughout the homeowner process. We don’t simply deal with customizations at point of sale or limit their ability to personalize their home through colours and finishes only. Our process consists of decision making broken into three different stages: the structural review stage, the rough-in and mechanical element review stage and the interior finishes and colours selection stage. Our homeowners also get to visit kitchen designers and cabling experts!

Each Uniform homeowner settles in and gets to know the team through a series of meetings that span over a 14 week timeline. The first orientation meeting is where a comprehensive package is presented with reference materials to get them thinking about all of the details of their home and the process they are about to engage in.

We are proud to highlight some of the Uniform team that connects with homeowners on a regular basis and supports them through the homebuilding process. Photo below: Say hello to Jessica McGlade; one of our talented Interior Design Consultants; Joshua Mavec, a thorough Project Coordinator; and Christine Melenhorst, another gifted Interior Design Consultant. This group is not only skilled in their jobs, but they are also just really nice, hardworking people – who all happen to really love what they do.

There is no denying that the process of shopping for and buying a home can be overwhelming. Quickly after that, homeowners enter into the equally involved process of making important decisions about that home! As your builder, we know this is asking a lot in a condensed period of time, but we need those decisions to be made to maintain our construction schedules and deliver you a beautiful home on time.

That’s where these lovely folks come into play. With them, you are tapping into years of experience and they only continue to build on their knowledge base as they meet with more unique homeowners with unique wants and needs. They strive to explain and eliminate any unknowns along the way. They are talented at balancing the personal tastes and needs of each homeowner, while still ensuring they chime in and make recommendations on what they consider to be optimal design and layout solutions. They also keep your file organized and that is SO critical to what we do. I think it is important to note, these people aren’t sales people, they simply are design/structural experts whose sole objective is to assist homeowners in achieving a home that they will love, one that is timeless, one that truly demonstrates the integrity of our designs, finishes and execution.

We thought it was about time we started introducing you to some of the team by way of our blog, and these three really are the face of Uniform to so many of our homeowners. There are so many more layers and nuances to what they do, how they support the team and the homeowners who choose Uniform. We just wanted to let you know a little bit more about who they are and what role they play in the Uniform homeowner experience.

Some fun facts:

  • Jessica just added the cutest Golden Retriever puppy to her family (honestly, it’s the cutest dog we have ever seen. She brought it to the office and nobody accomplished any work for about 45 mins). By the time he was 10 weeks old, he was roughly the same size as her.
  • Josh is actually pretty hilarious and has most of our staff in stitches on a frequent basis! He is also a Dad to one adorable little son, Henry.
  • Last but not least, Christine is an extremely talented professional photographer in her spare time (but we have no idea where she finds spare time as she is also a workout dynamo and non-stop hockey Mom).  In addition, I recently discovered Christine’s favourite TV show of all time was Felicity.

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