The Uniform Experience: Jamie and Nikkie

A Uniform home wasn’t on Jamie and Nikkie’s home buying radar, at least not at first. Although they were familiar with Uniform’s infill projects and earlier developments in the city, it wasn’t until an agent friend mentioned that Uniform had moved into Kanata that they realized it might be the right place, at the right time for them.

Richardson Ridge was a great fit and they were sold from their first meeting with Uniform Sales Representative Maureen. As young home buyers, Jamie and Nikkie had met with some obstacles along the way as they found they were sometimes dismissed by agents and representatives from other developers who didn’t see them as promising home buyers. “Some people seemed to think that maybe we weren’t serious about buying a house. Not Maureen – she was engaged from the moment we met her. She took the time to get to know and understand us. She knew what we were looking for – and she delivered,” shared Jamie.

Now in the Nipissing at Richardson Ridge, Jamie and Nikkie love everything about their home.  What set the house apart for them was the layout and because their home is so well designed and constructed there is no wasted space, “From corner to corner, it is efficient and functional in every detail,” said Jamie.  “Everything is very well thought out,” agreed Nikkie, “and that’s the difference between a builder that builds from a stack of plans and one that works with an architect who really considers to how the space will be used.”

The design process was unlike anything they had experienced or could have anticipated. Where many builders invite you to a design centre to select from a catalogue of typical options, the Uniform experience is much more like building a custom home. Uniform’s standard features and finishes are well above those of other area builders and that premium quality, craftsmanship, process, and overall value are part of what sets Uniform apart.

With guidance from Uniform’s in-house designers, Jamie and Nikkie were encouraged to visit a variety of Uniform partners – including Deslaurier Custom Cabinets and Boone Plumbing – to design their space and select personal finishes that would suit their style.  In the end, they spent close to two months in the design process – making sure everything worked together perfectly. “Working with professionals at that level brings expertise we hadn’t considered – our project coordinator actually asked us what our plans were for the basement,” said Jamie “when we explained, he suggested really practical modifications to the window locations so we could have the space we wanted.”

As photographers, Jamie and Nikkie value their home’s esthetic style and location and appreciate its more contemporary style which offers a good mix of modern and classic elements with an exceptionally unique balance of colour and shape. “Every picture we take of the house is fantastic – inside or out – from every angle,” enthused Nikkie.

“I really think this is the best location in Kanata,” raved Jamie.  As with all Uniform Developments projects, careful consideration is given to the setting of our homes, a quality not lost on this couple.  “Other subdivisions all seem to look the same,” said Jamie “but this one stands out. It just looks different.”  “Walking around the neighbourhood while it is developing,” continued Nikkie “you can see that every lot is perfectly placed”.

Whether because of the elevation, the view, or the easy access to nearby amenities, Jamie and Nikkie have found a place to feel perfectly at home, nestled in nature and just steps away from every convenience.  It’s no wonder they have already referred three of their friends to Uniform communities.


*pictures courtesy of Jamie and Nikkie Tep