On Saturday, October 15th Uniform Developments delivered pumpkins to each of our homeowners in Richardson Ridge and The Orchard.  With it, we issued a challenge in the form of a pumpkin carving and Halloween decoration contest for our residents.

Between October 15th and 31st, Uniform residents in both communities are invited to participate by:

  • Carving their pumpkin and/or decorating their home for Halloween
  • Snapping a quick photo of their Halloween spirit, and
  • Posting the photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #TheGreatUniformPumpkin 

We will share the photos and award gift card prizes for the best pumpkin carving and Halloween display creativity across both Richardson Ridge and The Orchard communities.

To give our residents a little inspiration for their pumpkin carving, we’ve gathered a few tips:

  • If your pumpkin has been sitting outside, bring it into the house 24 hours before carving it. A pumpkin at room temperature is much easier to carve than a cold one. And, before you scoop the insides, be sure to cut the hole at the bottom of the pumpkin instead of the top! No more wrestling to get a candle down into the bottom or struggling to light it. Simply set your carved pumpkin over top of a lit candle. So easy!
  • Free handing a design can be tricky, find a design you like online and print off a pumpkin stencil. Pin or tack the stencil onto your pumpkin to trace out the design. Instead of a Sharpie, try using a dry erase marker so you can correct any mistakes before you start.
  • You found the perfect pumpkin, now you need tools. Look beyond your standard kitchen knife to carve your pumpkin masterpiece. Try a melon baller or a keyhole saw. And of course you can always purchase a pumpkin carving tool kit at any local party supply store http://www.partycity.ca/product/pumpkin+carving+kits.do#Carving%20Tools
  • Bring on the power tools (this one is for the adults)! Try a power drill with different size drill bits to punch holes in your pumpkin as a fun decorative alternative to a smiley face or scary design. It’s a beautiful way to decorate your home for fall (instead of just for Halloween night). Side note: to keep your pumpkin fresher longer…put a little petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around the carved edges as well as all around the inside to help keep it moisturized.
  • If all else fails…slice it in half, hollow it out and use it as a punch bowl or drink cooler for a Halloween bash

Three prizes will be given in #TheGreatUniformPumpkin contest (First place $300, Second place $200, and Third place $100). Winners will be selected on November 1st.


The Great Uniform Pumpkin

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