Thinking of Purchasing a Uniform Early Occupancy Home? Learn What’s Involved

An early occupancy home (also referred to as a “spec” or “EO” home) is essentially a home that Uniform begins construction on without a buyer. They can be single family homes, townhomes or condo flats. Our team chooses the location and design and then moves forward into the building process. When planning each of our communities, we aim to include at least some early occupancy homes in the mix. The intention is to efficiently deal with available lots, as well as to have a few quicker occupancy offerings available for buyers in various product categories.


As construction on an early occupancy home advances, Uniform Coordinators and Designers make customization and design selections for the home. These can range from what hardwood is installed to which type of cabinets and tiles will be featured throughout the home. We always aim to incorporate special design enhancements while also ensuring that we stick with timeless design decisions that we know will add the greatest home value. We often take cues from our own homeowners and follow trends pertaining to interior selections. With construction progress underway, the team can start to relay information to our sales staff that a great early occupancy home is coming soon!


Of course, when you purchase an early occupancy home, some upgrades and interior finish selections may not be available for you to choose because we had to make those decisions earlier on in the process to start building the home. Depending on when the buyer comes along in the design build process, some or possibly all of the selections may have already been made for the home. If you’re interested in purchasing an early occupancy home from Uniform, our Community Sales Representatives can provide a full review of the home’s features and finishes and determine what might still be open for you to select.


From a buyer’s perspective, the advantages of purchasing an early occupancy home include getting a home with a closing date that best suits their situation (for example, if they just sold their house, or moved from another city and need a home move quickly). Also, some buyers appreciate that all the home customization decisions have been completed by a design professional – not everyone wants to handle an involved design process, and are happy to find a well-appointed home where these decisions are complete Uniform is able to package and price these homes with motivation, offering the buyer a home with great inherent value for an attractive price.


We currently have a great selection of early occupancy homes that are well on their way to being complete for a late 2017 closing. Whether you are in the market for a single family home, a townhome or beautiful condo flat in Richardson Ridge (Kanata), The Orchard (Stonebridge) or Wateridge Village (Rockcliffe) – we have something for every buyer!

Visit our selection of early occupancy homes, and you could be moving into your new Uniform home this Fall!