Uniform Spotlight: Deslaurier Custom Cabinets

Under every well constructed home is a solid foundation. The same can be said about our relationships with our suppliers – built on a mutual appreciation for solid design and incorporating the highest quality products.

We know homes. And with 35 years in business, Deslaurier Custom Cabinets KNOWS cabinetry. Uniform’s strong brand meant we needed a kitchen supplier of equal caliber. For that reason, we have enjoyed a great working relationship with the Deslaurier team for over a decade and we continue to use their products in all of our homes and communities. We both firmly believe that your home should suit your lifestyle and reflect your unique personality – which is why Deslaurier has built their business on a commitment to custom design allowing our homeowners the opportunity to have the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams.

This is a strong partnership that we are proud to see running ten years strong.

The Deslaurier-Uniform collaboration forms a crucial part of the Uniform selection process. Our homeowners are able to visit the Deslaurier showrooms conveniently located in Ottawa and Renfrew, as well as meet with expert Designers to create and design their kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners will have the opportunity to present their ideas and work closely with Design Consultants to customize parts of their home and enhance them through quality custom cabinetry tailored to their needs and desires.

“After being in the kitchen industry for more than 30 years, I have worked with many contractors and homeowners, and I must say that working with Uniform is a great pleasure, the quality standards are the highest in the industry with an utmost focus on customer service and attention to details,” says Kevin Rosien, DCC Design Consultant.

Where did we start? Well, the kitchen is most often the focal point of any home and so we felt it was important for us to use a kitchen manufacturer that delivers high-quality cabinetry and understands the importance of design and functionality. It doesn’t end there. All the cabinetry in our bathrooms, laundry rooms as well as any custom built-ins throughout our homes come from Deslaurier! As seen in many of our model homes, the fine cabinetry work by Deslaurier can really enhance a home beyond the kitchen and ensuite.

A perfect example is the den in our Douglas model home in The Orchard. This room has the “wow” factor, making a tremendous impact when entering the home and it is largely due to the fantastic custom built-in by Deslaurier. Housing a number of books, decorative items and various storage solutions – this built-in feature provides inspiration to our model home visitors of what’s possible for their own homes. Design contributions like these have helped strengthen Uniform’s brand, and ultimately have made us a better home builder!

“The entire staff from sales through to design, and then construction are a pleasure to work with and are very professional. Uniform knows how to build a quality home,” says Kevin.

The feeling is mutual.

“Deslaurier’s team is incredibly knowledgeable and efficient in what they do. It shows in every step of the process, from the design to production to delivery of the product and to final homeowner enjoyment. Working with their polished team over the past decade has been effortless,” says Heike Tessier, Uniform Production Manager.

Together, we’re proud to build homes that our homeowners can be proud of, and relationships that continue to stand the test of time.

Looking for more inspiration, check out Deslaurier’s online gallery of completed projects.