Uniform’s Marketing Dream Team

The Marketing Team at Uniform Developments consists of Emily Meyers and Ryan MacDougall. Emily started at Uniform in 2006 and Ryan in 2014. Each has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Emily with a focus in Marketing and Ryan the same with a focus in Finance. Together this pair handles all aspects pertaining to Marketing and Sales at Uniform Urban Developments. Ryan is one of two staff members who are the next generation of the MacDougall family working within the company and growing with the business, the strong instincts and passion from one generation being fostered in the next.

Marketing and Sales encompasses a pretty broad range of activity and responsibility at Uniform, and it is this breadth of work that keeps the job interesting, dynamic and challenging (in a good way).

From the purchase of new land to selling the last home of a community, the Marketing Team is involved each step of the way. They help to determine optimal product mix for a given site, collaborate on new product development, review existing portfolio, layouts, and finishes, as well as establish and constantly review pricing with the CFO. Responsibilities also include the establishment and management of sales teams, sales centres, and model presentations. Collaborating on project names and identities, marketing collateral, and web content. Scheduling and handling of site launches, sales events, product releases and the general day to day aspects of keeping all of these things consistent, up to date and working well to serve the buying public.

There is a lot to do, BUT, it is important to note that the Uniform Marketing team does it all with the support of other internal staff as well as external consultants and experts, and together the greater team gets it all done. It is the Architects (Hobin Architecture), Interior Designers (2H), the Strategic Marketing and Design Team (TRUEdotDESIGN) AND so many more it’s hard to list; as well as the team here at Uniform who really support and feed the work we do and allow it to all come together. We get to oversee what truly is a daily collaboration to keep all the information flowing.

What we love about our jobs?

EMILY: I am so lucky to have come across this job opportunity nearly 11 years ago. I loved the field of marketing and communications but also was interested in design, architecture and all things in between. This job marries all sorts of things that I find compelling and challenging. You pair that with the ability to liaise with the general public and so many amazing professionals here in Ottawa, and you can’t really beat the quality network this job throws you into. The amount of talent, intellect and amazing business instincts I have encountered working with Uniform is immeasurable.

To be part of the Marketing team for a company that does really amazing work, has a great deal of integrity and is constantly aiming to deliver quality product to our homeowners makes my job pretty straightforward. It is very easy to get behind what Uniform Urban Developments is building throughout this city, when you are proud of what it is you do/help to produce the rest flows. It is also a real pleasure to work with Ryan. He came with fresh perspective and a slightly different background that really balanced out the Marketing role here at the head office. AND, he has covered one and an impending second maternity leave which takes a lot of effort given the constant workload.

RYAN:  I really enjoy the depth and scope of working in Marketing at Uniform. Emily and I are given a lot of responsibility and get to tackle a number of things beyond the usual day-to-day marketing tasks. I find it very rewarding to see the entire development process through from land acquisition and planning to closing a home years later. I’m very proud of the work Uniform does and it’s nice to work in an environment where everyone cares and wants to continue to deliver beautiful homes. Working with Emily the last 3 years has also been a pleasure. She’s really great at what she does and has taught me a lot since I started here. I’ve tried my best to follow suit, but believe me that that is much easier said than done! I also have the pleasure of working with my Dad and brother, which I truly enjoy. I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely along my Dad these last few years and it’s been a great learning experience for me.

What we have to look forward to:

As Uniform continues to grow so too has our portfolio of product, projects, and sales volume. With 2018 on the horizon, the Marketing Team will be involved in two additional project launches consisting of all new product. A boutique condo along the Canal and a semi-bungalow infill fronting the Stonebridge golf course. A ton of work is required to get these projects market ready, but the real fun starts when sales begin! In addition to this, we have much more inventory and phases to come at our existing sites in Richardson Ridge, Wateridge, and the Orchard. 2017 has been a banner year for Uniform and we expect 2018 to be the same, so needless to say there’s lots of work to be done, but the Marketing Team is super excited for what’s to come!