The architect

For more than 30 years, Uniform has partnered and worked exclusively with a remarkable local architect and his talented team.  A working relationship with this depth and breadth is special, perhaps even rare, in this industry.  A 30-year collaboration can only happen with a deep mutual respect between our firms and a strong shared vision.

From day one, we recognized our success would be reliant on and closely connected to the quality and longevity of the designs that we offered and executed. The art and architecture of our homes would be more than significant, it would be central to the equation.

Hobin Architecture – our perfect fit 

Since 1979 Hobin Architecture Inc. has merged a passion for design with a deeply-felt sense of responsibility to the wider community. They have created a design team that innovates, client relationships that endure, and buildings that inspire. This is a philosophy to which we as a builder/developer can ardently adhere. Together we are deeply committed to creating homes, buildings, and neighbourhoods that enhance our city.

Hobin’s philosophy, paired with Uniform’s commitment to quality in construction, results in communities and buildings that stand out as timeless, thoughtful, impactful.

Looking forward, together

Together we can reflect on amazing architectural successes and accolades that dot our collaborative timeline, beginning in the ‘90s. More importantly, we look to the future with passion and excitement as we complete landmark projects; together we are envisioning and collaborating on stunning homes we are excited to unveil in the near future.